Cross Country Art Journal Project

cross country art journal illuminatedI was invited by Grumbacher’s parent company, Chartpak, to participate in a Cross Country Art Journal Project to promote their new product; the Clearprint Vellium Book.


The project saw an art journal travel all around the United States; from artist to artist. Each artist was able to keep the art journal for a week to make an original piece with their 100% Cotton Vellium paper.

I submitted a Mixed Media piece I like to call Edgar’s Window. The piece is watercolor pencils, charcoal, markers and fountain pen ink on Clearprint’s 8 X 6 inch Vellium Paper. The paper is thin and opaque. It allowed me to play with light and shapes quite nicely. I wrote random excerpts from Edgar Allan Poe writings with a fountain pen. It held the ink firmly and without smudging after it dried. This allowed me to use several sheets as ‘curtains’ for the piece.

I was honored to take part in the Cross Country Art Journal Project. I think I like best that you can use (some versions of) the paper in a laser printer. This is going to make for some awesome packaging!

Have a look at other pieces from the art journal.