Happy World Art Drop Day 2015 ♥

art drop day haunted cavasHappy World Art Drop Day 2015! On the first Tuesday of September, artists dropped art in random public places for strangers to find and keep. The holiday was conceived by Utah artist Mr Jake Parker. #ArtDropDay Drop Art; not bombs!


What a great way to wrap up the Labor Day Holiday; by giving away 10 original pieces of artwork.

Among the paintings dropped were 6 watercolor pieces., 2 oil paintings, an acrylic painting and a charcoal sketch. It is always a pleasure to create from the heart and leave it for a stranger to find and keep for free. This is my second year doing World Art Drop Day; and I already can not wait until 2016 to do it again. Then again, I might not wait that long.

Have a look at some of the piece which were dropped.  And don’t forget to check out last year’s World Art Drop Day pictures!