Nerdcore III – Three Pieces Featured in West Palm Beach Gallery

Nerdcore III: The Geek Strikes Back Group Art Show opens tonight at 7 PM EST at the Slushbox Gallery in West Palm Beach Florida. Three original pieces will be on display and for sale.

Freemium Framed Charcoal


Freemium is a dark charcoal portrayal of the soul of a true geek measuring 16 X 12 inches on  Framed Bristol Board. Available for sale at Nerdcore and through my shop ;)






The Dark Side Framed Watercolor Painting

The Dark Side is a fun watercolor showing is that girls just want to have fun. She measures 20 X 16 inches on Framed 300 LB Watercolor Paper.





Adventurers Backpack Framed Watercolor Painting


Adventurer‘s Backpack is a watercolor look out of the window and into the satchel of a someone deeply entrenched in a quest. 10 X 13 inches on Framed 300 LB Watercolor Paper.





Come see my art on display with 30+ other talented artists. The show runs until June 20th, 2015