Secret Art Show 2015

Secret art show allI was invited a couple of months ago to participate in the 3rd annual Burbank Arts For All Secret Art Show!

The Secret Art Show is a flat fee art show where all pieces are $40



Sales go to the Burbank School District’s art program to make sure every child has access to art education in Burbank. The show is a blind-sale group art show; so the buyers don’t know who made their piece of art until they buy it. Hence the name, Secret Art Show. I can tell you that the show includes some kickass artists. I think I’ll just name drop a few:

  • Conan O’Brien
  • Andy Richter
  • Adonna Khare
  • Bill Morrison
  • Bart Johnson
  • Robyn Lively
  • Peter Bennett
  • Blake Lively
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Stephen Hillenburg
  • David Shannon
  • Joe Mantegna
  • Ana Bagayan
  • Frank Dietz
  • W. Earl Brown
  • Jim Henson Creature Shop
  • Members of the Burbank Art Association
  • BUSD Students
  • BUSD Super – Matt Hill
  • Artists from Warner Bros , Walt Disney Animation Studio & Nickelodeon

I waited to release pics of my submissions until after opening day. I want to encourage all artists to join the show next year. If I can belt out some 4X6 pieces you can make one for the show too! This is a fun, simple way to give back to a program which benefits so many young, aspiring artists. Think of it as buying school supplies for a child in need ;)

Here’s a look at my art for sale at the Secret Art Show

I can’t wait until next year’s Secret Art Show. I always have so much fun preparing for this event. I am honored to be included alongside some of the most talented and creative artists and entertainers on the planet.