Secret Art Show 2017

I am honored to participate in the Secret Art Show 2017 

A volunteer sets up art for the Secret Art Show 2017

A volunteer sets up art for the Secret Art Show

For those of you who don’t know, the 5th Annual Secret Art Show is a $40 flat-fee art show in Burbank, California. The buyers at the Secret Art Show 2017 do NOT know who the artist is unless they purchase the piece. Artists around the world send in small, original pieces are then sold at a blind, flat-fee art sale which benefits the Burbank School District.


Proceeds from the 2017 Secret Art Show benefit Burbank Arts For All; a non-profit organization committed to providing a quality art education for EVERY child in the Burbank School District. This is a cause near and dear to me since we are seeing funding for arts education in danger of being cut from budgets around the nation. For several years I have participated in this event. I also urge my fellow artists around the world to participate with me.

A wall of art for sale for the Secret Art Show

Art on display for the Secret Art Show

This is one of my favorite ways to give back. The show isn’t about me or MY art. The Secret Art Show is about giving back and helping to make sure future generations of artists have the same opportunities available when I was a young, aspiring artist. The idea of an art show where it’s not about ‘who made the art?’ fascinates me. The Secret Art Show is about buying art which catches your interest, captures your imagination and speaks to you. 

Come out to the show, buy some art. You never know whose art you will buy. I’d love to show you what I am going to send in, but it’s a secret.

Here are the details for the Secret Art Show 2017

Saturday, September 30m 2017

VIP Entry is at 6:30 PM – General Admission begins at 7:30 PM

ATB Studios – 157 W Providencia Ave, Burbank, CA 91502


Secret Art Show 2017
ATB Studios, 157 W Providencia Avenue,Burbank,California-91502
Starting on
September 30, 2017
Ending on
September 30, 2017